Privacy Policy

● Collection of Personal Information

The Company may collect personal information from those who have purchased our products or those who have made an inquiry.Any collection of personal information will be carried out lawfully and fairly; the purpose of the collection/use of such information shall be clearly stipulated.We may collect the following personal information:

1. Name
2. Address
3. Phone Number
4. e-mail Address
5. Address specified by the customer
6. Transaction History

● Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

The Company collects and uses personal information for the following purposes.
1. Confirming and Referring the Purchase Order
2. Confirming and Referring the Product Dispatch Status
3. Responding to Inquiries

● External Consignment of Personal Information (Providing Personal Information to Third Parties)

The Company will not disclose any personal information to third parties, except in the following cases:
1. If disclosure was requested by public institutions such as government agencies, based on jurisdictions specified by law.
2. If required for the purpose of protecting human life, body, or properties, and is difficult to gain approval for disclosure.
3. When providing only necessary information to forwarding origin and freight companies etc. solely for the purpose of providing services.

● Management of Personal Information

Security management of personal information collected from customers shall be carried out through rational, systematic, physical, personal, and technical means; the Company shall make efforts to prevent unauthorized access to, loss of, tampering of, and leakage etc. of, personal information by handling such information appropriately in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

● Security Measures Placed on Personal Information

In order to provide better service, the website may use cookies.
This does not enable the Company to collect specific personal information, and will not infringe on personal privacy.
Those who do not wish to accept cookies, it can be disabled by adjusting the settings of your browser.
*Cookies are information sent from online servers to users' browser, and stored in the hard drive of users' PC.

● Use of SSL

In order to obtain security, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology is used when users are entering personal information to prevent such information from becoming intercepted, interfered and/or tampered.
*SSL encrypts information to enable sending and receiving of information whilst preventing interception as well as tampering of data.
The use of SSL allows information to be sent more securely.

● Modifications/Deletion of Personal Information

Please contact us if you would like to modify/delete personal information that we have received.
Brand Hokuriku Co., Ltd.

● Changes to the Privacy Policy

Any changes to the privacy policy, including the type of personal information collected and the use of such information, will be notified by making updates to this page.

● Point of Contact

Please contact us via the following:
Brand Hokuriku Co., Ltd.